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Sustainable and
circular decommissioning

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Combined perspectives, local solutions

From platforms and ships to wind turbines, hundreds of offshore installations and maritime objects will reach the end of their lifecycle in the coming decades.

With a history of exploring new worlds and possibilities, the Amsterdam IJmuiden area is stepping up to the challenge of finding innovative and sustainable ways to decommission and recycle all your offshore and maritime objects.

Joint approach

DecomMissionBlue originated from its partners shared ambition to tackle the growing challenge of decommissioning and recycling offshore & maritime objects.

Our network-based approach means we can follow our joint mission to find innovative and more sustainable ways to decommission and recycle offshore & large maritime objects. We are ready to work towards a circular and sustainable future with a clean North Sea.

Combined perspectives

With our network-based approach, we accept each decommissioning challenge by combining 5 different perspectives, representing the key objectives of the Amsterdam IJmuiden Region: